[WT-support] WT and IC7400 can't communicate properly

fabio.scherrer at bluewin.ch fabio.scherrer at bluewin.ch
Thu Mar 29 00:56:17 CEST 2018

Hi all
I am trying to set up WT to be used with a Icom IC7400 and a MKII of Microham. They seem to communicate between them right but I dont see in the WT Window Radio the frequency displayed on the IC7400. I mean by turning the VFO I do not see any reaction on the VFO on radio 1 window of WT. On the other side, if I write in the input field of WT whatever QRG I want to QSY, it does react properly and the IC7400 changes the qrg.
The interface config in WT is for IC-Generic, use protcol CI-V. I checked that the correct baud speed is the same for TRX and WT (9600 baud).
Is there anybody please who can help me to find out why I am not able to let communicate properly TRX and WT?
MNI TNX in advance
Fabio HB9FAP
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