[WT-support] MK2R+ Windows 8 and Win-test

W2LE w2le at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 29 16:23:03 CET 2013

This also happens with the 7800 on and the K3 off.

I found a solution - checked the "disable band lock" box.  This is not a 
problem since I'm using the MK2R as a glorified paddle/headphone/audio 
switch.  Just not set up antenna wise to run SO2R.

Paul  W2LE

On 1/28/2013 5:33 PM, Bob Wilson, N6TV wrote:
> Many people have reported trouble getting the MK2R+ to reliably stay 
> connected to a K3 while running Win-Test.  Part of the problem may be 
> that Win-Test, unlike Writelog, polls the K3 as fast as it possibly 
> can (that's the default).  You can try changing the polling rate in 
> Win-test from "Auto" to 500 ms, but it may not cure the problem 100%. 
>  You can also try using OmniRig instead of the K3 support built-in to 
> Win-Test.
> Make sure the second COM port option (two COM ports talking to same 
> radio) is set to "None" in the microHAM Router dialog, for the K3 
> port.  There may also be an option to set the radio type to "Elecraft 
> K3 patched" instead of "Elecraft K3" in the microHAM router.  That may 
> also help.  Of course your K3 should also be running the latest 
> firmware, and you may need to upgrade or replace your KIO3 board if it 
> is a very old one.  You can isolate the problem to the K3 or MK2R+ by 
> temporarily bypassing the MK2R+ using a real serial port connection to 
> the radio, instead of a virtual one (don't use a USB-to-Serial adapter 
> for this test).
> See this post 
> <http://elecraft.365791.n2.nabble.com/Serial-Port-on-K3-tp7329189p7329336.html> by 
> IK2BCP which claims that the KIO3 board can fail to operate properly 
> when the power supply voltage drops below 13VDC.
> Certainly if your IC-7800 (Radio 1) is powered down, you should set 
> Radio 1 to "None" in Win-Test.
> FYI, both copies of your email were flagged as Spam for some unknown 
> reason.
> 73,
> Bob, N6TV
> On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 8:44 AM, W2LE <w2le at yahoo.com 
> <mailto:w2le at yahoo.com>> wrote:
>     Last weekend I was doing the REF CW contest, and with radio 1
>     powered off the MK2R+ Busy led would start blinking for no
>     apparent reason, resulting in no radio control.  Switching the W-T
>     active radio to #1 would make it stop. Or powering the MK2R off
>     then on would fix it.  And now while I'm typing this with W-T
>     running in the background (with the log from last year's ARRL DX
>     CW loaded) the blinking will start and stop by itself.  It happens
>     at random times.
>     It's not RF related - I'm typing email and it's happening.
>     Later in the weekend I was doing the CQ 160 using Writelog and it
>     never happened.  Writelog and Win-Test were never running at the
>     same time.
>     Setup - WIndows 8 (that might have been my first mistake), Router
>     8.1.4, MK2R+ fw 6.1, Win-test 4.10.0, Writelog 11.90B.
>     Radio 1 is an IC-7800, radio 2 is a K3 with P3.
>     Paul  W2LE

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