[WT-support] WT with BARTG SPRINT

Ken Chandler g0orh at sky.com
Mon Jan 28 12:01:38 CET 2013

I used the ARRL RTTY template.
5 minutes of editing etc.
Not ideal but good enough.
My log was accepted ok.

Ken..G0ORH - SOE Class.

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On 28 Jan 2013, at 09:48, "Wes Printz, W3SE/ZL3TE" <w3se at dxer.com> wrote:

This is for those that may have used WT in the Sprint This weekend.
Presuming you used the Oceania DX Template as mentioned a short time back, there will only be a few items to edit prior to log submission.
1) most important is change the Contest line from :
2) remove the claimed score as it will be wrong.  You can leave it blank.
The Cabrillo file format will work for BARTG.  Their format does not have the sent RST, with serial number starting with 1.  The OCDX format has a 4 digit field, which will be OK.
I used the same format last year without having to remove the sent RST..
If you wish to remove the extra fields use a text editor or Cabrillo Dr. to easily delete the columns.
Your log Submission should then be accepted without any issues.
I am still working on something for the BARTG HF in March.  The Time sending issue has been resolved with help from N6TV with a LUA.
Wes, W3SE / ZL3TE
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