[WT-support] MK2R+ Windows 8 and Win-test

W2LE w2le at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 28 17:39:42 CET 2013

Last weekend I was doing the REF CW contest, and with radio 1 powered 
off the MK2R+ Busy led would start blinking for no apparent reason, 
resulting in no radio control.  Switching the W-T active radio to #1 
would make it stop. Or powering the MK2R off then on would fix it.  And 
now while I'm typing this with W-T running in the background (with the 
log from last year's ARRL DX CW loaded) the blinking will start and stop 
by itself.  It happens at random times.

It's not RF related - I'm typing email and it's happening.

Later in the weekend I was doing the CQ 160 using Writelog and it never 
happened.  Writelog and Win-Test were never running at the same time.

Setup - WIndows 8 (that might have been my first mistake), Router 8.1.4, 
MK2R+ fw 6.1, Win-test 4.10.0, Writelog 11.90B

Paul  W2LE

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