[WT-support] Sending the current time in the BARTG RTTY contest

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Tue Jan 22 22:34:46 CET 2013

W3SE discovered that the $TIME macro, which sends the current time (UTC),
does not work in the BARTG RTTY contest.

I've written a short LUA script that seems to work.  Save the script to
your Win-Test Scripts directory (File | Explore | /scripts directory) as
TIME.WTS, then use #TIME in the RTTY message, e.g. $RST $SERIAL #TIME.

I'm attempting to attach the script to this email, but if the attachment
doesn't make it, just create this two-line script with a text editor, and
save it as TIME.WTS (not TIME.WTS.TXT):

wtKeyer:Play( os.date("!%H%M") )
return -1

Though the BARTG RTTY is not formally supported by Win-Test, W3SE is
working on possible alternatives, and may post more information here

Bob, N6TV
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