[WT-support] Steppir is not completely following IC-7800 with Expert Amp

Anton Koval, MW0EDX m0edx at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 17 22:23:21 CET 2013


I have the following equipment:

- IC-7800
- SPE 2KFE amplifier
- Steppir DB18E
- Latest Win-Test and latest Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD)

When using Win-Test with Expert Amp and Steppir DB18E when I click on the cluster spot the whole lot tunes to the BAND only but not to the particular frequency. 

For example, I had been on 14 250, then switched to 21 200 and then clicked  the Win Test cluster link on 14 005. The whole lot does switch to 14  250 and not to 14 005. As soon as I change the IC-7800's frequency (skightest touch) the Steppir follows the frequency immediately. So basically to tune the steppir to the exact frequency I need to additionally slightly move the IC-7800 dial. This is type consuming during the contests.

It is disappointing also as while using the above setup with HRD or any other (UR5EQF, MixW) software the whole lot tunes exactly to the right frequency, so I have a complete automatic mode. Still prefer it with Win-test. 

Can anyone help ?


Anton Koval
m0edx at yahoo.com
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