[WT-support] Win-Test in Windows 8 - for the record

Scott K0DQ k0dq at analog.org
Mon Dec 9 05:14:46 CET 2013

In an earlier post I asked if anyone had used Win-Test in Windows 8 in a
serious contest effort and received one positive response.  

If anyone has any lingering concerns, I have now conducted the experiment
myself in CQWW CW and can report that it worked flawlessly (5800 raw QSOs,
~330 on second radio).

I have two new touch screen computers, one with a core i3 processor, the
other with a core i5 processor.  I installed solid state drives (SSD) in
both (by far the most significant speed improvement, overshadowing processor
speed).  Both have Windows 8 (one had 8.0 installed, the other 8.1).

The result is an extremely quick response.  Drivers for PIEXX SO2Rxlat,
various USB-Serial converters, and outboard audio were quickly and found on
the internet and automatically installed.  The nice thing is if you
plug/unplug a USB device, the COMPORTS adjust almost immediately.  No more
1-2 minute Windows restart cycles.  

The only problem which can take a bit of time to rectify is if you
inadvertently unplug the audio source while using the contest recorder.
That seems to require a forced restart of Win-Test. I use LAME v.3.99.5
CODEC (in both Win7 and Win8 applications).  

Scott, K0DQ 

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