[WT-support] New Win-Test LUA Scripts set CW sped automatically based on spot, prefill the logging window based on .XDT

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Mon Dec 9 03:59:46 CET 2013

I've published some new Win-Test scripts at http://bit.ly/wtscripts .  Feel
free to test and send feedback.

*MatchCwSpeed* (tnx W3LPL) will automatically set the Win-Test keyer speed
to the speed being reported for any spot, as long as it was spotted by a CW
Skimmer.  If you have an Elecraft K3 radio, it will optionally set the K3
keyer speed to the same value, plus or minus whatever speed offset you

*SSPrefillData* (tnx NR5M) is an example of a LUA script that reads
exchange data from an Extra Data file (.XDT file), and automatically fills
in the logging window with that data when you press the assigned key.  For
now, it only works for the ARRL Sweepstakes contest.  With minor
modifications, it could work for other contests, based on your own custom
.XDT file.

The existing .DTB database pre-fill method works fine for contests with
just one field to load, such as a U.S. state or Grid Square, but it doesn't
work for contests with two or more fixed exchange fields, such Name and
State (NAQP), or Precedence, Check and Section (ARRL Sweepstakes).

Using an .XDT file allows one to work with ASCII text files, rather than
binary (.DTB) files.  You can also preview the data in the Extra Data
window (Alt+X) before hitting the key to fill in the blanks.

With some editing, you can create .XDT files from your own Cabrillo files.

For more details, see the Readme files inside each Zip.

To see a list of other scripts that are available, go to
http://bit.ly/wtscripts and open *Readme.txt*.

Bob, N6TV
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