[WT-support] How often does time-sync reset the clocks of allcomputers in the LAN?

KL7RA kl7ra at ptialaska.net
Sun Dec 8 01:09:52 CET 2013

The PC with the time server checked still has to sync with the internet 
time during the contest to set the time for the network. 

In my case Windows only does it once a week so we do a manual 
resync on the designated PC to the internet time server near the end 
of the contest and all the rest of the machines then are spot on at the 

I leave my station PC's up for weeks at a time and notice some machines 
have very good clock drift rates, some not as good. You can run software 
that will measure this drift and build a model after which it will resync itself 
but the internet time server on one machine with WT works fine for us as
long as we remember to do it.

What I notice is which ever machine I check to be the WT time PC for
the network seems to lose the most time during the contest. I have moved
it to 4 different PC's. We use the one least likely to be busy at the end.

73 Rich KL7RA   

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Subject: [WT-support] How often does time-sync reset the clocks of allcomputers in the LAN?

> The team at P40L is reporting that their PC clocks were not properly
> synchronized even though "Enable time distribution across the network" was
> properly enabled on one and only one computer in the LAN.  By the end of
> the contest, some computers were off by as much as 30 seconds.
> In my own testing I've confirmed that time sync works correctly as soon as
> a new computer joins the LAN, but I don't know how often the time sync
> happens after that:  every hour, every 30 minutes?
> Maybe it is not often enough if RFI is present, or slow computers are being
> used?
> 73,
> Bob, N6TV


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