[WT-support] Changing CW speed for fixed portion of contestexchange?

Adi S55M s55m at siol.com
Sun Jan 30 16:18:10 CET 2011

Thorton is probably W1FQ :)

CU Bob!

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  On Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 7:52 AM, thornton ash <thorntonash at comcast.net> wrote:

    How id the cw speed changed for RST etc.?


  Type MSGS [Enter] in the logging window to see all the predefined CW messages when you create a new log.  Usually the ++ and -- are already there.

    Also, how is the database of prvious questions and answers searched? Is there a global search without looking at each month's postings?

  Yes, go to http://www.win-test.com and click "Mailing list" on the left, then enter you search in the search box.

  This has limitations, however.  It is just a Google search, so the archives are not indexed immediately.  You may not find recent posts.  I suggest subscribing to the Win-Test reflector using a free Gmail account 

  Instead, I suggest downloading the entire Win-Test wiki as a PDF file; it is much easier to search than the online Wiki documentation.


    I must be missing something obvious, sri.


  Yes.  What's your callsign Thornton?

  Bob, N6TV


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