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Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Tue Dec 7 23:11:42 CET 2010

On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 11:55 AM, Fulvio Galli <hb9dhg at ticino.com> wrote:

> I found that the modified RUN/S&P messages .. are reset by default as soon
> I start a new contest.

Yes, because every contest requires different messages.  Standard CW
messages are stored in the .wt4 file (the log file), because every contest
has different requirements.  When you create a new file, Win-Test reprograms
new default messages based on the contest, but many people including myself
don't like these default messages.  That's why I never use File | New; I
just copy the old .WT4 file from last year and clear all the QSOs (via the
CLEARLOG command).  There's also a new text command, COPYLOGCLEAR that is
helpful.  See Release.txt in the Win-Test installation directory for the

> I'm assuming I need to tweak the ESM.WTS file . but I don't find it .. any
> help ?

The ESM.WTS file does *not* contain any messages; it just simulates standard
message keystrokes.  The current source code for ESM.WTS in the Wiki,
I've just updated this section of the Wiki to explain how to program your
messages when using ESM mode.  Let me know if you have trouble understanding
the new text.

> I have a "short" keyboard that doesn't provide the INSERT button (the ones
> without numeric pad)
> Is there a workaround for that ?

Yes, use DEFINEKEYS as shown in the Wiki
The screen shot suggests adding semicolon [;] as a synonym for  [INSERT],
quote ['] as a synonym [PLUS].  These work really well for a touch-typist
using a U.S. keyboard, and I believe N1MM uses them as defaults as well.  I
am not sure if those keys are convenient on a European keyboard, so use
whatever two keys are between the [L] and the [Enter] keys.

 I like to hear that Win-Test will improve the ESM support and I look
> forward to test the new features

It is really up to us users to customize ESM.WTS to our own liking.  The
Win-Test developers are unlikely to make any more changes to it.  I will try
to see if I can get it to move the cursor the way you wish, and to send the
callsign instead of a question mark, but I don't like ESM at all, as I
prefer to have every key do the same thing every time, which is the old CT
way.  Win-Test was based on being keystroke compatible with CT, in case you
were not aware of this.  ESM function was added for those who preferred to
use TRlog style.

Bob, N6TV
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