[WT-support] Dumb ESM question

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Mon Dec 6 19:53:32 CET 2010

The CtrlPlus key can be used to silently log a QSO when in ESM mode.  I
developed a simple Win-Test script extension to automatically generate a
CtrlPlus at the end of a message, which delays the logging action until
after the message is sent.

   1. Download CtrlPlus.zip from http://bit.ly/wtscripts and follow the
   instructions in the Readme_CtrlPlus.txt file to install the CtrlPlus.wts Lua
   script extension in the proper directory
   2. Add #CTRLPLUS to the end of the S&P F2 message (only).  This will take
   care of step 2 in your note.
   3. To take care of step 1, add $SPACEBAR to the end of your S&P F4
   message.  Note:  if you call the station a second time by pressing Enter
   again, the cursor is going to move again, so you may not like this.
   4. Make sure on the Options tab of the message dialog, "Use only run
   messages" is *not* checked
   5. Make sure Run/S&P switching is enabled by entering RUNSP [Enter] in
   the logging window

Another option is to edit the ESM script itself and customize it to your
preferences.  You can download N6TVESM.zip from http://bit.ly/scripts and
give it a try, but it doesn't do what you want (yet).

One thing I have trouble with, though, is *delaying* the action of the
spacebar in a script.  I don't see anyway to do this:

     (wait until F2 message has finished playing)
     wtApp:SendKey(" ")  -- send a blank to move the cursor

But a workaround would be to modify the ESM script to use one of the Alt-C
messages the first time you send an exchange (includes $SPACEBAR), and just
the regular F2 message every other time.

As far as sending a "?" if the call field is blank, the idea is that the ESM
script prevents you from calling duplicates, so it waits for a callsign to
be present before sending your call.  This can also be changed.

Getting all of this to work on phone as well as it does on CW will be
another challenge.

Bob, N6TV

On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 8:43 AM, LY2KZ <vytenis.sciucka at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Bob
> Yes. That worked for RUN mode. Thank you.
> How shoud I modify S/P messages so, that:
> 1. Callsign entered. Pressing ENTER sends my call and jumps to exchange
> field
> 2. Callsign entered, exchange entered, Pressing ENTER sends my rst-exchange
> and logs QSO.
> That's what I'm get used to use and it works for me. My experiments with
> messages did not lead to the positive result in S/P mode.
> Thanks again
> 73
> Vytenis
> http://ly2kz.aktv.lt
> On 2010.12.05 20:20,  wrote:
> > Try adding $SPACEBAR to the end of the INSERT message (type MSGS [Enter]
> to change it).
> > >
> > >  73,
> > >  Bob, N6TV
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