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Robert Pack nx5m at txcyber.com
Sun Mar 22 03:17:40 CET 2009

Additionally, I went back to 3.25.0 after doing all I could think of with 3.25.1.  No difference....serial numbers still keep going in sequential order no matter which computer/band it is logged on.
I tested this in M/S, M/2 and M/M only to have it do the same thing.....still no qso numbers by band as needed.  Obviously a M/2 or a M/M cannot be done if serial numbers are not being generated by band.  Only way around this would be to disable the network....but it would be useless to operate that way.
Once again, serial numbers by band is what is needed.  In reading all the posts I can find, it appears to me that this is supposed to work but I cannot make it happen.  After 3 hours of trying to figure out why, I have just decided to give up and hope that someone can tell me what needs to be done.

Bob NX5M

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  I have been away for a while and am just not starting to get things in order for WPX.
  3.25.1 installed.
  I thought I could keep serial numbers by band in M/S but this does not appear to be working for some reason.
  One radio is set as RUN while the other is set as MULT but when I enter a qso on the run OR mult computer the serial number is sequential.
  What I need to see is the qso number on the mult station logging line to show what serial number is to be sent when a mult is worked on the mult station.
  Is there a command or something that I am missing such as "keep serial numbers by band"??

  Bob NX5M


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