[WT-support] WPX Multi-Single

Robert Pack nx5m at txcyber.com
Sun Mar 22 00:02:44 CET 2009

I have been away for a while and am just not starting to get things in order for WPX.
3.25.1 installed.
I thought I could keep serial numbers by band in M/S but this does not appear to be working for some reason.
One radio is set as RUN while the other is set as MULT but when I enter a qso on the run OR mult computer the serial number is sequential.
What I need to see is the qso number on the mult station logging line to show what serial number is to be sent when a mult is worked on the mult station.
Is there a command or something that I am missing such as "keep serial numbers by band"??

Bob NX5M
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