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Hi Ian, Franta
That´s how I do it here as well. Sometimes I get the call field messed up or
realize, during transmission that it didn´t sound  as it should.  During
the rest of the exchange I quickly fix the call and hit F5. This way the other side
knows I got it right after all and does not waste time correcting the call I got right
after all.
This happens maybe just a few times during the contest, and I really got used to do
it manually.
Marcelo, PY1KN> > Hi Franta, > > OK, I see.
Unfortunately the macros are probably not processed in such a > way that your
idea would work - I think (developers would have to > confirm) that the symbols
such as $CORRECT are processed as soon as you > hit the key - before the
message starts - and not dynamically during the > message. > > Perhaps if you make a correction to the call during the exchange, you >
could just remember to hit F5? Assuming you still have that programmed > with
$LOGGEDCALL, that should accomplish what you desire... > > ~Iain /
N6ML > > > > Franta Bendl wrote: >> Hi
Iain, >> >> yes I know the standard procedure - I made abt. 1500
QSOs last weekend ;-) >> >> I don't see a danger of
misunderstanding: >> >> CQ DJ0ZY DJ0ZY TEST >> N6ML
>> (typo: N6MK and I see (hear) it at the time of send and make correction
to >> N6ML) >> N6MK 5NN 1234 N6ML >> 5NN 678 >> TU DJ0ZY >> >> What do you mean could be the problem?
I heard such corrections last weekend >> one or two times made manually and
I found it as good idea. And I had never >> doubt to understand what the
station mean. So I am looking for possibility >> how to realize it
automatically with Wintest. >> >> My idea is to have $CORRECT in
both "INS" and "+". So if I was enough fast the >>
correction will be send after report and in the other case (I was too late) >> than it will be send before "TU" as usual. >> >> 73 de Franta/DJ0ZY >> >> >> >> On Wednesday 03 June 2009 19:21:12 Iain MacDonnell - N6ML wrote: >>> Franta Bendl wrote: >>>> I mean it's good idea to send
the logged (correct) call again after >>>> sending of the RST and
report in case it was corrected since then. It can >>>> save time
spent by the other station repeating its call. >>>> >>>> E.g. DJ1ZY 599 123 DJ0ZY when I corrected the call during the sending
of >>>> the RST and report. So I tried to set the INSERT string in
"Standard CW >>>> messages" to >>>> >>>> $LOGGEDCALL $GUESSEXCH $F2 $CORRECT >>>> >>>> But it doesn't work properly. Wintest checks OK that the call was
changed >>>> and sends it again but it doesn't send the new
(corrected) call but the >>>> old one. Is it a bug as at this moment
an other call is sent than the one >>>> in the call-field? Or is there
any other solution for this? >>> I think you may be misunderstanding how
it works. The $CORRECT symbol >>> will send the call if it has been
corrected since you sent the exchange. >>> If you include it in your
exchange (INSERT) message, the other station >>> wouldn't have been able
to correct your error yet! It's usually used in >>> the 'TU' (PLUS)
message, to confirm the corrected call... >>> >>> CQ N6ML
N6ML TEST >>> W1ABC >>> W1ABC 5NN 001 >>> R
5NN 003 >>> TU N6ML >>> K1XYZ >>> N1XYZ 5NN
002 >>> K1XYZ K1XYZ 5NN 001 >>> K1XYZ TU N6ML >>> ... >>> >>> >>> So your
'PLUS' message might look like: >>> >>> $CORRECT ++TU--
$MYCALL $CR >>> >>> >>> HTH, >>> >>> ~Iain / N6ML >>> >>>
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