[WT-support] CAT settings of FT-1000MP MarkV (field) in Win-Test

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Tue Jun 10 19:27:33 CEST 2008

On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 3:13 AM, Toni Lindén <oh2ua at oh2u.com> wrote:

> At OG8X we used MK2R+ and FT1000MP MarkV and we noticed that if CAT
> was assigned to COM-port with large number (ie 8 or so), we could not
> get CAT-work at Win-Test.

Did it work with any other software, like
When it was on COM8, was it configured for 4800,N,8,2, DTR=Always Off,
CTS=Always OFF?  By default CTS=Always ON until you press the [FT1000MP
Defaults Settings] button to set up everything properly.

We were using computer with many real COM port and we had to go to the
> Windows system manager and disable one of those real COM ports and
> create virtual port assigned to small number (I guess we used COM3)
> and radio control began to work.

How many "real"  COM ports?  If you were using a 4-port PCMCIA card on a
laptop with its own serial port, Infrared port, and Bluetooth (?), perhaps
COM8 was already in use by hardware or other drivers?  If you installed the
PCMCIA card *after* installing the Router software, instead of before, there
could be conflicts between virtual serial ports and real serial ports.

I believe the MicroHAM Router software tries to determine all the real com
ports before it creates virtual COM ports.  I would exit the router
software, install the PCMCIA card, reboot, and see what happens with COM8.
A re-install of the Router software might also be necessary.  Do you have
the latest version (

So this seems to be WT bug, because also microHAM router was working
> same way like Andy told. Everything else is working OK also with COM's
> 8 to 12 (or so), but CAT is broken.

I doubt it is a Win-Test bug; WT thinks doesn't know it is talking to a
virtual serial port.  I bet it is a configuration issue.  Using COM3 worked
because you eliminated any conflict between virtual COM3 and real COM3 (or
you properly set CTS=Off when you moved the radio from COM8 to COM3).

Bob, N6TV
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