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Andrew Hewitt andyphewitt at btopenworld.com
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Thanks to Ulf DL5AXX for his comments and to George K5KG for his testing and


After this I did some more testing myself and found that what K5KG found. I
also set up clashes between DX4Win and MixW in each case a window saying
"failed to open Com3 for radio1" or "device already open" was shown and the
CAT was deactivated only necessitating a tick in a box and not a
reinstallation of the configuration. But as I am practising with WT and
playing around it trying to learn how it is used I wanted to have a normal
logging prog open at the same time.  As George suggests that I "fix" the WT
configuration can anyone tell me how to do that?


Andy G3SVD




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I sent an email on this subject yesterday but eventually thought I had the
problem resolved. Not the case though. When I started up this morning all
the comport configuration settings had gone. I reloaded them again but
forgot I had another program open accessing the same comport so there was a
clash and I received a notification window from WT. I closed the other prog
but when I went back to WT the settings had gone again. I tested this a
couple of times and instead of just telling me that the port is in use the
port settings are deleted or lost. So I lose these settings when the PC is
switched off and when there is a clash.


I am using a TS950SDX as radio 1 and TS570SDG as radio 2 with MicroHam USB
interfaces. The PC is a Dell 2.7Ghz machine with 1025MB of RAM and 27G of
HD. Running Windows XP Media SP2. I am also using DX4Win, MixW and SD with
no problems.


Any ideas?


Andy G3SVD



I did some testing of the comm port settings with my WT, and here are the


SETUP: I use WT with a ProII and MicroHam CW Keyer USB interface.  I use
virtual comm port 5 for "Radio 1" control, and comm port 6 for "winkey".


1.) Rebooting WT does not cause the loss of comm port settings in WT.

2,) Closing WT and rebooting Win XP does not cause the loss of comm port
settings in WT.

3.) Closing WT and opening WriteLog allows WL to access comm ports 5 and 6
for radio control and cw keying.  However, when I close WL, and reboot WT,
the comm port settings are gone from WT. 


Also, a week ago, for some reason that I can not explain, I experienced a
random occurrence of the comm port settings in WT defaulting back to
"network".  I had to reset comm 5 to "Radio 1", and comm 6 to "winkey" to
reestablish control and cw keying.


My recommendation would be to "fix" WT so that it does not lose its comm
port settings if another application program accesses the comm ports.


73, Geo...


George Wagner, K5KG
941-400-1960 cell


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