[WT-support] Need support from I4UFH for EZMaster WinKey problem

Steve Taylor taylor at texoma.net
Thu Mar 22 12:53:31 CET 2007

I need your help.  WinKey is not working on new EZMaster.  Please advise
correct dip switch settings inside EZMaster for WinKey.
Please see thread below.
73 de K5MR
Steve Taylor wrote:
  > Has anyone else experienced this problem with EZMaster and WinKey?
That can be due to a bad setting on a dipswitch inside the EZMaster. Ask 
Fabio for assistance.
Olivier / f5mzn
Does anyone know how to enable WinKey in EZMaster?  I am using EZM firmware
V1.40 with WT V3.8.6.  
The OFF/ON switch in the EZManager WK frame is missing and the WK enable
check box inside the WinTest configuration screen does not turn WK on.
Also, a side effect is that PTT and all CW keying from WT stops working
whenever WinKey enable is checked in WinTest, even though WK does not turn
I have my paddle with standard 3-wire cable and stereo connector plugged
into the Keyer jack on the EZMaster rear panel.  The EZM front panel CW
speed control seems to work (I can see the speed number change on the WT
Rate window) but nothing happens when the paddles are pressed.
Has anyone else experienced this problem with EZMaster and WinKey?
Thanks and 73,
Steve - K5MR  
Yes, I also experienced this problem with EZMaster and Winkey.
 I spent a lot of time trying to solve it without success. Finally I decided
to use external keyer.
73 de Julio, EA4KR


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