[WT-support] Band Map Focus in dual receive mode - question

John Warburton G4IRN qrz at dxdx.co.uk
Sat Jun 30 09:19:07 CEST 2007

Hi Larry, Oliver

Larry - I spoke to you about this at Friedrichshafen. I was hoping to catch Oliver, as you suggested, but I was led astray and never quite made it to your desk in time.

You suggested that my situation, described below, may be an FT-2000 thing. Can you confirm for me please - does it work differently or the same  with an FT-1000? i.e. does the bandmap focus follow the Tx focus is on the radio? or does is act as described below?

I would appreciate your thoughts. This will help me determine if its the radio interface or Win-Test working as designed.

John G4IRN.

This year on NFD at G7EAR/p we used an FT-2000 with two networked laptops running WT v3.11.

Laptop 'A' was connected to the FT-2000 via the CAT interface and all worked well except for one thing, which I suspect might be a 'working as designed' thing.

We were using 2 op 1 radio mode i.e. the main receiver and sub receiver were both active (the stereo audio output was put through a splitter, one Rx VFO to each op). The active Tx was mainly on the main VFO. (VFOa)

With this setup, WT on Laptop 'A' put the focus on VFOb. If I clicked on VFOa on the band map, it switched off the sub receiver.

With the transceiver in dual receive mode, the way it worked made it impossible for the operator on VFOa to monitor the bandmap for VFOa whilst tuning up and down the band (to see the freq of previous QSO's) and also impossible to add spots (Ctrl Enter) for working later. Is it possible to set this up some how?

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