[WT-support] IC - 765 Radio Control

Olivier F5MZN olecam at f5mzn.org
Sun Feb 4 19:24:38 CET 2007


> 1. Bandmap is working fine. Clicking on Stations worked and entered by 
> Alt-Enter changes the radio to the correct mode.
> 2. If the mode is changed from SSB to CW,  always CW Wide is selected. 
> Would it be possible to remember the wide / narrow flag which is part of 
> the ICOM mode data? If not, I´d suggest to alter the standard to narrow, 
> because 500 Hz is more useful than 2.4 kHz most of the time.

Do you know the mode data for the CW-Narrow? In the Icom CI-V reference 
manual I have here, the code is 03 for CW for all Icoms. There is 
nothing about Wide and Narrow CW. Is it only available on the 765?

> 3. Only the VFO A window is used (and yellow) . The VFO B window stays 
> grey and displays ----

This is because the Icom protocol does not tell the software when the 
active VFO is changed on the radio. This is why, is WT, the "active VFO" 
is always "VFO A" regardless of the real active VFO on the radio.

> 4. If a split frequency is entered with -, this frequency is written to 
> the VFO B window. It is also sent to the TRX, but as the new RX 
> frequency in the active VFO. The radio is set to split mode.

Same reason.

Thanks for your help,

Olivier / f5mzn

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