[WT-support] SO2R Questions

Steve London n2ic at arrl.net
Tue Feb 8 04:58:49 CET 2005

Thanks Olivier and Laurent,

A few comments below...

>> - Is there a CW variable that will send a message to the connected 
>> radio to clear the RIT ?  This is a very handy feature that works very 
>> well with a Kenwood radio.  It's also very nice to have keyboard 
>> access to the RIT so you don't have to keep reaching for that tiny RIT 
>> knob. 
> Thank you for the suggestion, Steve! That will be implemented for the 
> radio which does support this feature. Added to the (long) todo list!...

Excellent !

>> - Does the headphone control ($R1R2, etc.) only work with a EZMaster 
>> box ?  Or are there other ways to use this feature without requiring 
>> an additional proprietary box, such as through a COM or LPT port ?  
>> This would be very useful for those of us who already have our own 
>> homebrew SO2R boxes.
> I haven't tested it so much, but the stereo bit of the LPT port (pin 5 
> or pin 9 according to the settings) would be controled by the $R1R2 
> variable. On the other hand, there is no output currently available 
> corresponding to the variable $R2R2. Do you know if there is a kind of 
> standard pin for that with the interfaces?

I don't think there is a standard - you are the first to do this.  Is there 
another available pin on an LPT port that could be used to support the 2 bits 
that are needed for this function ?

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