[WT-support] SSB Messages and Keying

Olivier F5MZN olecam at f5mzn.org
Sat Sep 11 11:03:41 CEST 2004

Hi -

> Need a little help with SSB Messages and keying the rig. I have tried 
> recording messages with Audacity but they play very slow as someone said 
> in an earlier post. If I record through WT with Shift F1 they record ok, 
> but I got caught out as it stores the message a msg0.wav and not 
> msg1.way as I expected for the F1 key. I found that out when I looked in 
> the WT  directory after recording.

Long time I didn't checked this part of code! :) But you're 100 % right, 
Win-Test does only support the same format it uses to save messages. If 
you want to record the messages using an external software, you should 
configure it to save files in PCM, 8 KHz sampling, 1 channel (mono), 16 
bits/sample. It is maybe possible to get WT reading any WAV files if 
someone *really* need it, but I recognize that I wonder whether that is 
really necessary to improve that.

Thank you for the correction regarding the MSG0.WAV associated with F1 
key and so.

> 2nd Question.
> How do I PTT the rig when using the voice keyer via sound card. I 
> enabled the DVK and tried using my normal RTTY/PSK serial cable that 
> works with all my other programs but no go. I tried setting up Com 1 to 
> TNC -Network etc but could get it to key but not release. Has anyone got 
> a fix for this or what do I need to do.  When I manually key the rig it 
> transmits the message ok.

That might not be clear in the "Interface configuration" window, because 
only *CW* is indicated. To enable PTT output on the COM port the radio 
is connected to, click on the "configure" button right to the COM port, 
then check "Enable CW on COM port". That way, PTT information will be 
present on the RTS pin (#7 on DB9, #4 on DB25).

Hope this helps

PS : I'll try to get the '847 supported this week end.

Olivier / f5mzn

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