[WT-support] SSB Messages and Keying

Laurent HAAS - F6FVY f6fvy at free.fr
Sat Sep 11 11:08:33 CEST 2004

Hi John

John Coleman a écrit :
> I have tried 
> recording messages with Audacity but they play very slow as someone said 
> in an earlier post. If I record through WT with Shift F1 they record ok, 
> but I got caught out as it stores the message a msg0.wav and not 
> msg1.way as I expected for the F1 key. I found that out when I looked in 
> the WT  directory after recording.

The 0 index for F1 message file is C-language related. In fact, in C, 
all first elements are noted 0. But, you're right, it leads to confusion 
for users.

I experimented some sound work this morning with Audacity (I'm using the 
1.2.0pre3 version - not sure it's the last one) on my machine (a laptop 
with internal mike only) :

- If you reopen a message recorded with WT, process it, and File/Export 
as WAV, it works like a charm. At least for me.

- If you record a message from scratch in Audacity, you _MUST_ use the 
8000 Hz sampling frequency (use the menu on the bottom left of the 
Audacity main window). You'd better set this sampling rate BEFORE 
starting to record as it might take some time for Audacity to resample 
data. If you use another sampling freq (or don't even change it - it is 
initially set @ 44,1 KHz), you will experience a _very_ low speed in WT 
(we heard a roar instead of a voice :-) ).

We will consider in a future version the possibility to open 
'any-sampled-freq' WAV files.

> 2nd Question.
> How do I PTT the rig when using the voice keyer via sound card. I 
> enabled the DVK and tried using my normal RTTY/PSK serial cable that 
> works with all my other programs but no go. I tried setting up Com 1 to 
> TNC -Network etc but could get it to key but not release. Has anyone got 
> a fix for this or what do I need to do.  When I manually key the rig it 
> transmits the message ok.

With COM port, the PTT line is asserted to the RTS output. Of course, it 
must not be in conflict with the serial flow if you use it for TNC or 
whatever (= Set the handshake to NONE on this COM).

Oh... BTW, you _MUST_ enable CW on the COM port to use the PTT line on 
that port, even on Phone (a bit tricky, isn't ? ;-) ).

> Thanks in advance, love the program just sorting out my set up.

Hope this helps !


Larry - F6FVY

PS : My audio tests showed me a bug : Don't quit while a message is 
playing ! It will crash WT :-(  Well, not a big deal, as you wanted to 
quit anyway... To be fixed...

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