NOEL POULIN ve2fww at globetrotter.net
Sat Mar 17 19:21:42 CET 2018

I am back asking for help.
I run Wintest on a Windows 7 machine.
I have 3 softwares (Win4k3, Mixw, and N1MM+) I have no problem setting 
those softwares to talk to the KX3 (Elecraft)
Each one talks to my KX3....ect...
BUT    impossible to make WINTEST to talk to the same radio with the 
same setting for port.
I uninstalled WT, and ran a demo version....with the same results...no 
CAT...nothing....Wt doesn't want to talk to the KX3..
I shoud say I am confused about that issue....
Another thing, the old machine with Windows XP, and Wintest is working 
with no problems at all.
Wintest on a XP machine is talking easily to the kx3....
Please help if possible...
I realy don't know what might be the problem.....with WT and win7 32 bits...
What is confusing me is the fact that other softwares like N1MM+ MIXW, 
and WIN4K3 SUITE can talk the the radio without any problems....
I am realy scratching my head
Help will be welcome..

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