[WT-support] Changement du QRA locator d'un correspondant durant un contest

F6DLA f6dla at wanadoo.fr
Sun Sep 4 20:42:44 CEST 2016

Hello Bob,

Thank you very much for your reply, and you did well understand my 
question,.. Maidenhead squares.

My question was for any contest using these squares. I am active only on 
VHF and UHF.

However your reply is indeed what I was looking for. I tested and :-) 
very good.

Hervé F5HRY has also posted the same kind of reply direct to me. He 
knows me and also added something like: next time in english for the 
forum... Oops, won't do it any more.

Cheers, good contests to you


William, F6DLA

Le 04/09/2016 à 20:02, Bob Wilson, N6TV a écrit :
> Hello William,
> Which contest?
> What is "QRA locator," the Maidenhead grid square number, e.g. JN18?
> Use the spacebar key to move the cursor to the received exchange 
> field.  You may type over the exchange to correct it.  Then it should 
> be saved and prefilled for the next QSO with the same station (enable 
> Tools -> Data Entry -> Exchange guessing -> Automatically).
> After the contest, exchanges can be saved in .DTB (database files), 
> depending on the contest.  Use File | Update database after a contest 
> to update the .DTB file.
> But maybe I don't understand your question.
> 73,
> Bob, N6TV
> 2016-09-04 10:07 GMT-07:00 F6DLA <f6dla at wanadoo.fr 
> <mailto:f6dla at wanadoo.fr>>:
>     Bonjour,
>     ..et bonjour à Laurent et à Olivier.
>     Question basique, sans doute, mais à laquelle je n'ai pas de réponse:
>     Comment, en cours de contest, modifier le QRA locator d'un OM
>     contacté dont la valeur est déjà forcée par le logiciel?
>     Toute réponse sera la bienvenue; j'ai utilisé Wintest pour la
>     troisième fois aujourd'hui.
>     73 de William, F6DLA
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