[WT-support] VFO B now supported via OmniRig + wt-4.18.0-dev; Icom LUA scripts updated for SO2R

Joe - OZ0J contest at oz0j.dk
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What is the status of adding 60 M?


I missed 60 M as DX-pedition in Win-Test when we were QRV as JW/OX5M 16-23/9.


We worked only 6 stations but it is a mess to remember to change those QSOs to correct band in the ADIF file.



73 Joe, OZ0J



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Emne: [WT-support] VFO B now supported via OmniRig + wt-4.18.0-dev; Icom LUA scripts updated for SO2R


Though not documented in the Release.txt <http://download.win-test.com/v4/nightly/release.txt>  file yet, F6FVY updated the Win-Test development release, version 4.18.0-dev, to support "Pass frequency to Sub-VFO" when the radio is controlled by OmniRig.  This means you can now right click or Alt-double-click on a spot in the band map to send the spot's frequency to VFO B.


What about Icom radios, where Win-Test could never could display or set VFO B?


Within the last year, Icom enhanced the firmware in most of their "contest grade" models (IC-7600 and above) to allow reading and setting VFO B.  I've updated VE3NEA's OmniRig Rig Definition files to take advantage of these new CI-V commands.  (I also fixed other bugs in these files, and retested them all).


At present, the only way to way to view or set VFO B in an Icom radio is by switching the radio type to OmniRig in the Win-Test Interface configuration dialog.


Here's how to do it, step by step:

1.	Update your Icom firmware to the latest release.  Full details here <http://www.icom.co.jp/world/support/download/firm/> .
2.	(Optional) Download and extract the development version of Win-Test <http://download.win-test.com/v4/nightly/wt_dev.zip>  to your Win-Test installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Win-Test).
You will probably have to log on as an Administrator to move files into this folder.
3.	Install OmniRig <http://dxatlas.com/OmniRig/Files/OmniRig.zip>  
4.	Update OmniRig with the latest Rig Definition files <http://dxatlas.com/OmniRig/Files/RigIni.zip> 
Extract and replace all files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Afreet\OmniRig\Rigs\
You may need to do this from an Administrator account
5.	Start OmniRig and select the radio type.  Select the best matching rig definition file (e.g. IC-7600v2 for an IC-7600 with ver. 2.00 firmware)
6.	If you don't see "IC-7600v2" listed in OmniRig, it means step 4 did not work. Try again.
7.	In OmnRig, set the serial port parameters for Radio 1 and (optional) Radio 2
8.	Close OmniRig 
9.	Start Win-Test
(Start the 4.18.0-dev version wt_dev.exe if you want "Pass frequency to VFO B" to work)
10.	Select Options | Configure interfaces ...
(or type SETUP [Enter] in the logging window)
11.	Change the radio type from IC-xxxx to OmniRig
12.	Uncheck the Use CI-V Transceive box
13.	Uncheck the Don't poll box (OmniRig requires polling)
14.	Uncheck the serial ports used for Radio 1 and Radio 2
OmniRig must control these ports, not Win-Test
15.	Click OK
16.	You should now be able to see and set both VFO A and VFO B in the band map window (for IC-7600 and above)

I updated and added sixteen OmniRig Rig Definition files. Each now properly and automatically turns CI-V Transceive OFF in the radio, as required by OmniRig.  If you want to go back to using "native" Win-Test rig control instead of OmniRig, set CI-V Transceive back ON by using my LUA scripts (CIVON/CIVOFF) or the radio's menu, then undo steps 11-14 above.


The sixteen updated and new OmniRig rig definition files are:



















I've also updated my LUA Scripts for Icom radios to support SO2R mode with two different Icom models, and fixed some minor keyer speed issues when using the radio's internal keyer.  See http://bit.ly/wtscripts for the latest update of my LUA scripts.


If you have a small IC-7000, IC-7100, IC-7200 with a single "KEY" input, and you'd like to connect both a paddle and keying circuit to the radio at the same time, I've figured out a nice way to do that.   Updates coming soon.  Contact me directly if you're going on an "ultra light" DXpedition and need it sooner.



Bob, N6TV

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