[WT-support] IOTA Contest in V4.17.0 - Cabrillo Issue

Bob Glasgow bob.gm4uyz at talktalk.net
Wed Jul 29 14:41:51 CEST 2015

We have just done the IOTA contest with our radios set to Multi Operator and
Multi Station. The radio that was being used as the RUN station was set to
RUN ( R in the stn field) and the multiplier station set to Mult (M in the
stn field). As QSO's were being made by both stations the log was filled
correctly with the R and the M the trouble is when the Cabrillo File was
created all stations logged are shown as a 0 (run). There are no log entries
shown as 1 (Multiplier). It means I have now manually to go down the
Cabrillo file and change the relevant Multiplier QSO's to a 1

Anyone else seeing this issue?


We also experienced with a few QSO's with all the details correct - !!!! in
the Mult field. I have tried retyping in the information again and get the
same problem

Again anyone else seen this issue?


I should say we are running WinTest 4.17.0 and I had downloaded the latest




Bob Glasgow GM4UYZ


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