[WT-support] Update CTY file and LU4AA/F - IARU HF Championship

Laurent HAAS - F6FVY f6fvy at free.fr
Thu Jul 9 13:36:39 CEST 2015

Hi Joe and Bob

Le 08/07/2015 20:08, Bob Wilson, N6TV a écrit :

>     Where do the downloaded CTY file saved when it is not in the
>     ProgramData\Win-Test\countryFiles folder?
> For security reasons, Windows 7 and above prevents users and programs
> from downloading files directly into the C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program
> Files (x86)\ /unless/ they have Administrator rights and/or UAC (User
> Access Control) is turned off.  See this Microsoft site
> <http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/turn-user-account-control-on-off#1TC=windows-7>
> for more information about how to disable UAC.  I guess the same rules
> may apply to C:\ProgramData.
> The files may be silently downloaded to an obscure place

FYI, actually, when the UAC is ON, and Win-Test has not the appropriate 
permissions, this place is


It's called UAC File System virtualization.

And, as Bob pointed out, in all cases, the best way is to "Run as 
Administrator" Win-Test.


Larry - F6FVY

Remember Jan. 7 2015 - #JeSuisCharlie

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