[WT-support] Update CTY file and LU4AA/F - IARU HF Championship

Joe - OZ0J contest at oz0j.dk
Wed Jul 8 19:14:06 CEST 2015


I have 2 problems. 

1) I had on my laptop Win-Test v 4.16. When I choose Options-> Data files ->
Country Files the CTY files are from 2013. I have tried to choose all 3 CTY
files one by one and then hit download. The files are downloaded but NOT
saved in the ProgramData\Win-Test\countryFiles folder. 

Then I updated Win-Test to v 4.17 and still have the same problem.

I have also tried the same with the command CTYFILE.

Where do the downloaded CTY file saved when it is not in the
ProgramData\Win-Test\countryFiles folder?

So far I have solved the problem by downloaded the cty_wt_mod.dat and the
cty_wt.dat manually from http://www.country-files.com/contest/win-test/ and
placed them in the correct folder. But I would like to have the
automatically update in stead :-)

I have earlier today updated Win-Test at a friend without problems. 

2) When I log the HQ station LU4AA/F Win-Test tells me that it is in France
(!!) The ITU file gives RCA but it is still France as DXCC.

Jim, AD1C do you come with an update to the CTY file? This call could also
be a problem for other logging programs e.g. DX4WIN when importing the QSOs
after the contest.

73 Joe OZ0J

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