Richard Cariello rlcariello at verizon.net
Fri Mar 28 18:05:12 CET 2014

Logging problems NCCC-RTTY with Win-Test 4.12.0
First RTTY sprint this past Thursday.
Setup Log for contest went fine.
Incoming call sign gets highlighted and clicking on it allows me to place into log.
All other information dose not highlight. Clicking on serial number, number goes to S/P box.
Clicking on other information NAME, STATE does nothing.
To log contact I have to type information into correct locations.
Program does keep track of contacts and gives correct score.

Win-Test 4.7.0 used during contest with these problems. Updates to Win-Test 4.12.0 same problems. I have been using Win-Test for contesting many years. CW, SSB and other RTTY contests without any problems. The NCCC RTTY Sprint is my first problem. I hope there is a fix so that I can continue using Win-Test for it has served be well these many years. The computer is running Windows XP-Pro with MMTTY.



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