[WT-support] Reminder: Using Secondary Radio Window not practical in WPX Phone (this weekend)

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Mon Mar 24 22:34:29 CET 2014

If you plan to use Win-Test in SO2R mode during the WPX Phone contest this
weekend, or any phone contest that requires a serial number to be
transmitted by voice, you will not have much luck trying to use "CapsLock
Binds to Secondary Radio" or "Shift Binds to Secondary Radio."  Even if the
focus is on the secondary radio, the microphone stays connected to the
primary radio (always).

The *only* way to transmit the serial number on the second radio is to
press the star key [*] first (Exchange Primary/Seconday), then give the
exchange, then press the star key again.

You won't notice this in a contest like CQ WW Phone because you can just
push buttons to send the complete exchange via DVK on the secondary radio.
 But that doesn't work in WPX Phone, because you *have* to speak into the
microphone to give out the complete exchange.

For more details see Task
#264<http://flyspray.win-test.com/index.php?do=details&id=264> opened
over 4 years ago.  It's a Win-Test problem with any SO2R box, not just

On CW, pressing CapsLocks and F4, or Shift+F4, signs your call on the
secondary radio, and leaves the keyer focus on the secondary radio, so all
is OK.  But on Phone, it doesn't work the same, and that's why you can't
really use the secondary radio window in a phone contest like WPX.

Bob, N6TV
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