[WT-support] Controlling custom hardware?

SM5AJV sm5ajv at qrq.se
Mon Mar 17 11:05:13 CET 2014

I am actually looking at similar ideas.

One idea I've got is to use the WinTest Ethernet protocol and especially
the GAB message.

1. Write a script, i.e. SWAP.WTS that sends out a GAB with your own
   OH2RA-R1-ANT-SEL: TH6DXXX and after that letting doing the '*'.

2. Make your VB program WT aware by listen and sending on the broadcast
address / port and parse your own 'protocol'

It would be nice if the software authors also opened up the 'secrets' about
the REMOTE in the network protocol.
For instance: is it possible to add arguments when using a REMOTE called
LUA script? If that is possible, one could
also communicate back from your VB program.

I am using Python right now and are experimenting with a spot-listener that
is sending back a GAB message when your own callsign is spotted. I think it
is rather useful in the todays spot flood from the RBN. Since you very
often miss the short lived 'You are spotted ..' message below the last line
of the log.

Ingo SM5AJV / SE5E

2014-03-17 9:06 GMT+01:00 Markku Oksanen <markku.a.oksanen at outlook.com>:

> I am trying to figure out a way to change my antenna configuration at the
> same time when I change to RADIO2 (and then back) using the keyboard
> command "*".  The reason is that I use tribanders (two stacks of 4) and
> usually isolate one TH7 for RADIO2 for multiplier spotting, HOWEVER, one
> high TH7 is hardly ever enough to break a good multiplier's pileup from
> here in southern Finland.
> So, I would like to change to the main antennas to RADIO2 when I actually
> go use it and leave RADIO1 to the TH7DXX.
> I already have the hardware that does that, the hardware is controlled by
> a MS Visual Basic - written UI that runs on a separate control PC for the
> station (along with WT telnet clients etc.).
> SO, it there a way to connect to an external software process from WinTest
> to show the state of R1/R2 selection to external software and further
> hardware?  In fact, I would probably have a software daemon running on the
> WinTest PC that would further communicate with the station automation
> software on the station control PC over Ethernet using UDP messages (this
> is pretty easy to do with Visual Basic).
> Thanks!
> Markku
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