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  So then I do not need to manually assign an IP address through WinTest to each computer?

If both computers are already able to browse the Internet, then they already have IP addresses (using Windows DHCP is the easiest way to do this).  These will work fine in a Win-Test local network in most cases. 

Win-Test local network?

Does this mean that I can not have both Win-Test computers connected to the same 24 port switch to which my other (non-Win-test) computers are connected?  The switch is connected to my Cisco Cable Modem (Charter Internet) and Linksys Router as follows:

Charter Internet –>Cisco Cable Modem->Linksys Router->24 Port Switch->Win-Test computers and other computers 

Yes there are places in the documentation that encourage the use of fixed IP addresses, but I no longer recommend doing that since the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages in my opinion.

That makes me feel better.   :-)

But you do have to set the broadcast address to the same value in the Win-Test Interfaces Configuration screen (SETUP [Enter]) on both computers.  Check "Enable Ethernet network" and click the "By Default" button next to broadcast address and it should set it to something like automatically.  Do not try to use arbitrary values here; just click the "By Default" button.

Thank you – that is very helpful!  I assume that if for some reason the two computers have different address values, then I should manually change the address on the 2nd computer to that of the first computer, correct?

Bob KQ2M

Note:  some Comcast routers assign IP addresses like, and the "By Default" button doesn't assign a proper broadcast address for these.  See Task #337 for more info.

Bob, N6TV

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