[WT-support] Voice keyer transmits, hardware blinks but no output on SSB (CW - OK)

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Fri Jan 10 19:19:01 CET 2014

If the PTT or "TX" LED on the RigExpert is properly lit for the duration of
the F1 message, and the PTT cable is properly connected between the
RigExpert and the radio, but the radio does not go into TX, then either the
RigExpert or the cable is defective.

If the LED is *not* lighting, in Win-Test SETUP dialog, set COM7 to "Other
device" and set either RTS or DTR to "PTT" (click Properties).

Bob, N6TV
On Jan 10, 2014 9:51 AM, "Anton Koval, MW0EDX" <m0edx at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Folks,
> I have been re-arranging the shack. That included changing the COM ports
> on my PC (do not ask WHY :-)).
> I was able to set the COM ports to run Win-Test properly, change bands,
> auto-CQ on CW but NOT on SSB.
> When recording F1 (example - CQ) on SSB and then playing F1 the hardware
> (Rig Expert) is blinking, but the TX is not switching to transmit. Also
> when hitting the TX button on TX while F1 is playing nothing is also heard.
> Equipment:
> - IC7800, Steppir DB18E, RigExpert
> - Rig Expert's ports: 4-Rig Experts standard Serial Port, 5- Rig Experts
> standard FSK Port, 6-Rig Experts standard CAT Port, 7 - PTT/CW Port
> What I am missing now ? Before the change (see above) all was working
> fine...
> Thanks,
> Anton Koval
> m0edx at yahoo.com
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