[WT-support] Error opening UDP socket 10013

Andreas Winter DK4WA at t-online.de
Tue Jan 7 17:21:52 CET 2014



probably not. I have to check. Concerning your questions I assume it is
important to have SP3 (?).






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Andreas, did you bring all of those computers up to SP3?

73, Pete N4ZR
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On 1/7/2014 8:15 AM, Andreas Winter wrote:



Recently I got some "new" used computers, which have been fresh installed
with Microsoft XP. If I start WT and WtDxTelnet on the same machine I get
the error message "Error opening UDP socket #10013". The error message
appears by starting the second program (WT or WtDxTelnet, depending was has
been started before).


I checked against two computers with Win7, were this behavior is not the

I never have seen this behavior on the old machines with Win2000 before


I did a search:








However the computers have been fresh installed and there is not much other
software than WT on the (XP) computers, because they are purely dedicated to


The problem seems to be Microsoft XP related. Any chance to get this
working? Any help is appreciated.




Andreas, DK4WA


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