[WT-support] Win-Test 4.10.0 on Windows 8

DALE LONG dale.long at prodigy.net
Sun Jan 20 07:23:46 CET 2013

Thanks Bob for your advice.  I was close to pulling the trigger but now may keep the XP computer for contesting and use WIN8 on non-contest computer.

The concern has been raised on the Icom7600 users group about a USB receive audio control issue.  (when using the USB cable).  Experience of the group is that users of WIN8 do not experience this problem. One commenter actually said "finally ONE good reason to use Windows 8"... so most people seem to agree with you.

Bob, I will forward the entire discussion to you, but it is too detailed and not relevant to Win-Test.



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Many PC sound cards that work fine on XP do not work well on Windows Vista, Win7, and Win8 as a Win-Test voice keyer (DVK).   Only a few sound cards have the ability to monitor your mic. audio in real time (without any delays), on these newer versions of Windows.  The delay is caused by digitization of audio input.

If you never operate phone or use the DVK, I suppose things will work OK, but so far I haven't seen any reports of people successfully using Win-Test on Windows 8, so you may be one of the first to try it.  What are the "improved audio capabilities on digital modes?"

For a pure "contesting computer," I recommend that people stick with Windows XP as long as they can.  If you must use a newer operating system, be sure to sign in with an Admistrator ID whenever you install or run Win-Test.  Otherwise some Win-Test files get stored in very strange "virtual stores" making things much more difficult than they ought to be.

Bob, N6TV

On Sat, Jan 19, 2013 at 6:39 PM, DALE LONG <dale.long at prodigy.net> wrote:

Is there anything that needs to be done in advance of updating to Windows 8?
>Presently am running XP and plan to upgrade to WIN8 for its improved audio capabilities on digital modes.
>Dale - N3BNA
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