[WT-support] BART G Sprint

paterson gordon gordon.paterson at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Jan 19 14:03:31 CET 2013

Hi Wes et al.

I have also used Wintest for BARTG Sprint. It is simple to use a different
template as you suggest and make changes to the sent messages.

What is more hassle is the cabrillo log file is generated with 599's.

QSO: 14095 RY 2012-01-28 1345 MM0GPZ        599 0002   DM3HZN        599
QSO: 28082 RY 2012-01-28 1354 MM0GPZ        599 0003   W4GKM         599

Required format:
QSO: 14093 RY 2010-08-16 1721 GW4SKA           1 GB50ATG        002
QSO: 14093 RY 2010-08-16 1721 GW4SKA           2 XU1ABC         010

I think the Robot not surprisingly rejected the log like that so I'm sure I
manually edited the log last year. And also with the scoring being wrong
makes it far from ideal. But I do like the simplicity of Wintest and the
controls being the same for other contests.

It is a real pity contests are hard coded into the WT system as this would
be much more popular if new contests could be bolted on by users. Perhaps
keep WT supported contests hard coded and they continue to support them and
have an option for users to add their own with no support from WT other
than users on the group?


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