[WT-support] Steppir is not completely following IC-7800 with Expert Amp

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Wed Dec 18 02:42:56 CET 2013

Ignore the menu numbers in my email below (they are for IC-7000), but
please report the following IC-7800 menu settings:

CI-V Baud Rate:
CI-V Address:
CI-V Transceive:
 RS-232C Function:
Decode Baud Rate:

In Win-Test, SETUP menu:
Don't Poll:
Use CI-V Transceive:
Polling rate (ms):

Any other relevant parameters re. the amplifier or SteppIR control.  Are
you using a USB-to-Serial adapter or microHAM box too?

Bob, N6TV

On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 5:25 PM, Bob Wilson, N6TV <n6tv at arrl.net> wrote:

> Please describe how all of these devices are chained together to share the
> radio's serial port.
> Did you set CI-V Transceive (menu 50) ON or OFF?  Did you try changing the
> CI-V baud rate? (menu 48)?  If you remove the SteppIR from the system, do
> you still have the same issue?  Did you specify "Don't Poll" and "Use CI-V
> Transceive" in the Win-Test menu?
> 73,
> Bob, N6TV
> On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 1:23 PM, Anton Koval, MW0EDX <m0edx at yahoo.com>wrote:
>>  Folks,
>> I have the following equipment:
>> - IC-7800
>> - SPE 2KFE amplifier
>> - Steppir DB18E
>> - Latest Win-Test and latest Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD)
>> When using Win-Test with Expert Amp and Steppir DB18E when I click on the
>> cluster spot the whole lot tunes to the BAND only but not to the particular
>> frequency.
>> For example, I had been on 14 250, then switched to 21 200 and then
>> clicked  the Win Test cluster link on 14 005. The whole lot does switch to
>> 14  250 and not to 14 005. As soon as I change the IC-7800's frequency
>> (skightest touch) the Steppir follows the frequency immediately. So
>> basically to tune the steppir to the exact frequency I need to additionally
>> slightly move the IC-7800 dial. This is type consuming during the contests.
>> It is disappointing also as while using the above setup with HRD or any
>> other (UR5EQF, MixW) software the whole lot tunes exactly to the right
>> frequency, so I have a complete automatic mode. Still prefer it with
>> Win-test.
>> Can anyone help ?
>> Thanks,
>> Anton Koval
>> m0edx at yahoo.com
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