[WT-support] Icom IC-910 Settings

Stewart GM4AFF stewart at gm4aff.net
Wed Dec 4 10:35:33 CET 2013

Thanks to all for the help with this issue.

Yes, Bob, neither polling nor CI-V Transceive are selected, but, as Martin
has suggested, I had to select DTR On.

No, there's no logic to it but it's working now!


Thanks and 73






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I use a 910 with Wintest at G6Uw snd I think one of DTR and RTS has to be
on. Not sure which but may have time to look tmw.



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I don't understand how it could have ever worked if you are not polling and
not using CI-V Transceive.  I believe you must use one or the other, and the
CI-V setting in the IC-910 menu must be compatible with what you select in
Win-Test, including:


CI-V Address (must be 60h)

CI-V Baud rate (should be 19200 or 9600)

CI-V Transceive (should be ON)


In Win-Test, select both Use CI-V Transceive and select "Don't poll" and set
the baud rate to 19200.  If that doesn't work, try 9600 (after selecting
9600 in the Radio's menu).


Finally, does your RS-232 port on your PC use a USB-to-Serial adapter?  If
so, what does it show in the device manager as the Driver type?  (Start,
Run, devmgmt.msc, expand Ports, right click on COM4, select Properties, look
at Driver tab).



Bob, N6TV


On Sat, Nov 30, 2013 at 9:21 AM, Stewart GM4AFF <stewart at gm4aff.net> wrote:

Does anyone have any working suggestions for an IC-910 with Win-Test?

I'm using a level-converter at the radio CI-V socket to an RS-232 port on
the PC.

It worked back in October, but I unplugged it, and set WinTest back to an HF
radio setup.

Now when I try to configure it for VHF with the same settings it fails to

I've tried every conceivable combination, but this is what it was set to
when it did work:

Using COM4 (which is correct) with 19200 8-N-1 DTR and RTS both off. Radio
CI-baud - 19200. Radio 1 set to IC-910 - Don't Poll. CI-V Transceive NOT
selected ('cos that's what worked before). No other interfaces are connected
or selected in WinTest.


Anyone else tried an IC-910 with WinTest - and got it to work. The settings
mentioned in previous reflector emails do not work.






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