[WT-support] FT-100D - WT Band fluctuations

Wes Printz, W3SE/ZL3TE w3se at dxer.com
Sat Apr 6 15:52:16 CEST 2013

I have an intersting anomally.
I just installed 4.10.0 , using a WMR Rigtalk to the FT-100D
The issue I am having is in WT, the band does not stay on the selected band.
Radio stays on the selected band.  The band change can be seen in the Summary window  and Logging line
Example:  FT-100D set to 24.897 CW, in the logging window it jumps between 12 / 20M randomly.  Put the rig on 28.018, WT bounces between 10/20M.
It would appear WT keeps searching for the radio to be on 20M.
Environment is XP SP3, 4800-8-N-2   Does not matter if the DTR / RTS set to on or off.
When using FT-100 Default DTR / RTS = Handshake it bounces between 40 and the selected band.
Another software package - MixW seems stable. Have not tried any others yet.
I'm hoping to get this sorted out soon, as I am stopping in 3D2 for JIDX CW on my way to  Visalia, and would prefer to use WT.
TNX es 73,
Wes, W3SE / ZL3TE 
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