[WT-support] how to increase the WT network reliability?

KL7RA kl7ra at ptialaska.net
Fri Apr 5 16:07:45 CEST 2013

> I suggest you to dedicate computers to contest.

I agree with Zoli. I have never seen a network problem here with WT
and from the beginning even when using TRLog in a network we have 
always used seven identical PC's with XP and each PC dedicated 100% 
to just contesting.

Ebay often has sales of 6 or 8 identical machines stripped clean. I load
XP, WT and some drivers and that's it. After each contest I strip off
"stuff" guests have downloaded thinking I need it.

Often during a contest the ops are on the internet doing what people do 
but I have yet to see that as a problem. I could assume other hosts would
not allow this but nothing bad has happen yet. As far as programs go only
WT is running on each machine and one PC is hosting the cluster software. 

One of my DSL routers was RF sensitive to 160 meters but the new one
they gave me seems fine after the old one blew up for some reason during
a contest. I told the provider I had no idea why it failed?? I use shield telco 
wire as well now. From the switch I built my own Ethernet cables to each
position with the correct length of cable.  

73 Rich KL7RA 

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