[WT-support] WT 4.10.0 + Unipost + CQContest.ru

IW1QN Federico iw1qn at yahoo.it
Mon Apr 1 16:06:49 CEST 2013

Hallo to everybody.
I have a litle problem with CQContest.ru and Unipost 3.4.
I used the Last version of Wintest 4.10.0 and last versione of Unipost 3.4.
I make WPX Contet and used cqcontest.ru.

With this configuration, on cqcontest.ru wintest send ALL Band QSO+Mult 
and the Total score but don't send Total nr of QSO and Mult.

I see onf Unipot what tyoe of data Wintest send, but wintest don't send 
Total nr QSO and Mult
I used Windows XP.
Tnx for Info.

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