[WT-support] Registration Key

Stein Roar LA6FJA-K3RAG sroabr at online.no
Sun Mar 11 15:29:07 CET 2012


I had several bugs with my MKII after update of my 8.0.7 microham software.
All settings dissappear and virtual ports stops! and also  function keys stops..
even Win-test or writelog..

73s LA6FJA

> From: Andrew Bennett [andrew.bennett21 at btinternet.com]
> Sent: 2012-03-11 13:38:13 MET
> To: support at win-test.com
> Subject: [WT-support] Registration Key
> After a system crash which led to the shack computer having to have it's hard disk reformatted I need new registration key for my copy of win-test.
> I have followed the instructions  on the website which is still down and emailed my details for a new key.
> I am still waiting for a new key to be emailed to me so I can only assume that the people at win-test are currently busy sorting out the current problems with the web-site.
> As a consequence I have had to run win-test in demo mode for the BERU contest this weekend where I have had to put up with periodically resetting the program. I have also noticed that the program has been doing some strange things with my Microham 2 keyer at key moments by causing the function keys to stop working correctly when trying to work a station. Rebooting the computer seemed to sort things out but isn't an ideal solution. I have assumed that this problem has arisen because of me having to run the program in demo mode as this hasn't happened before.
> Any advice on the keyer issue welcome.
> 73 de Andrew G0HSA

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