[WT-support] TS-590 COM settings

RA3AUU/P33W ra3auu at srr.ru
Wed Jul 6 23:19:41 CEST 2011

Hi Bob & all!

Would like to share with you what I came up with.

Sorry I didn't mention I had computer serial COM port to connect to
serial COM port of TS-590. Anyway, many options checked but none of
them worked out for me with real COM ports.

Tried with USB cable and it started working from the first try and
even with difetent baudrates.

Thanks to all for your assistance.


73, Harry RA3AUU

> Hi Harry,

> Are you using the Kenwood (HF) defaults, with DTR and RTS set to "Always
> OFF"?   Are you also using a USB-to-Serial adapter instead of a "real"
> serial port?  Some of these USB-to-Serial adapters may require DTR to be set
> to "Always ON".  Try that.

> Also in Win-Test, if the "Don't poll" checkbox is checked, UNCHECK it.

> If neither of these things seems to help, you may have to try a different
> USB-to-Serial adapter, preferably one based on the FTDI chipset rather than
> one based on the Prolific chipset.  It is very hard to get USB-to-Serial
> adapters based on the Prolific chipset to work properly.

> If you are using a microHAM virtual serial port, we'll need more details
> about how it is configured.

> Another possibility is to try OmniRig
> <http://www.dxatlas.com/omnirig> for
> TS-590 support, rather than the support built-in to Win-Test.

> PA2A's comment about firmware 1.04 is also somewhat troubling.

> 73,
> Bob, N6TV

> On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 10:07 AM, RA3AUU/P33W <ra3auu at srr.ru> wrote:

>> Hi everyone,
>> Trying to get Win-test working with TS-590 but not quite successful.
>> Using 4800 8-N-2 at the Win-test side and 4800 at the radio side.
>> The 590 follows Win-test commands (changing bands and modes, following
>> cluster spots) but Win-test doesn't show any changes of the 590's
>> frequency change.
>> Any ideas ?
>> 73, Harry RA3AUU
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