[WT-support] GetScores etc

Simon Pearson simon at attenuate.org
Sat Jan 15 00:03:59 CET 2011

Hi Marios,

> I know there has been some interest regarding the getscores conduit
> recently. Unfortunately, due to computer crash, I ve lost the source code so
> I cannot update the code in order to  make it compatible with the current
> getscores specs.

We (at G6PZ) decided to post to getscores.org for the first time
during CQWW CW and saw the message about the loss of sources -
nevertheless, I decided to go ahead and download and try. Everything
worked as expected, so right now the last release of your program
works just fine.

All that said, indeed, finding someone who could code something
similar might be the challenge; the advantage of your app is that it
was a native Windows GUI program. The same could well be achieved in
Perl or Python, but it'd require the user to download the interpreter,
just adds a step and further complexity.

Anyway, the bottom line is the last released version of
win-test2livescores seemingly works fine with the latest version of

Simon M0CLW

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