[WT-support] OMNI-Rig und FT-2000 Problem

Bernd DL9YAJ DL9YAJ at szameit-home.de
Fri Jan 29 20:02:29 CET 2010

Hi All,

use an FT-2000 and Skimmer with OMNI-Rig. When ich configure the CAT 
interface in Win-Test (4.4.0) all will work fine.
Now i gave OMNI-Rig the control. Set Radio1 to OMNI-Rig in Win-Test and 
configure the FT-2000 parameters in OMNI-Rig which is used in the 
Now i have the problem, that after the first double-click in the 
bandmap, the VFO-A is active, the next double-click will activate the 
VFO-B. Next double-click active VFO-A and so on! It changes after every 
In Win-Test i configure RTS and DTR to handshake. OMNI-Rig offer me only 
Low or High.
Any ideas or better a solution for me???
73s Bernd, DL9YAJ

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