[WT-support] Suggestion: New Win-Test windowing option: "Always on Top"

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Wed Jan 20 02:17:39 CET 2010

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 4:05 PM, Bob I.2.WIJ <i2wij at yahoo.com> wrote:

> N6BV wrote:
> ........
> >So as soon as I click on
> >a signal on the waterfall display (which also moves my K3 to that same
> >frequency), the Win-Test window *disappears* and I have to hit Alt-Tab to
> >get the focus back to Win-Test,..........
> >
> Set the application bar to stay always visible and it will be
> very easy to click on the win-test tab and get the focus again.

Please see http://www.kkn.net/~n6tv/WinradAndWin-Test.PNG for a screen shot
of what I am trying to set up.  I can click on a Winrad signal trace at the
top of the screen and my K3 tranceiver will tune to the same frequency.  All
of this is now possible with the new Omnirig support in both Win-Test and
Winrad.  But today, as soon as you click anywhere in the Winrad window, the
Win-Test window gets covered up, and you have to try to press Alt-Tab to get

Winrad is a "full screen only" application, (like a PC game).  It does not
run in normal window.  It covers up the Windows Task Bar and its active
program icons even when "Keep the task bar on top of other windows" is
selected, and "Auto-hide the taskbar" is not selected.  So there is no
application bar visible when Winrad is running.

But Winrad does *not* cover up the Windows Task Manager when the Task
Manager's "Always on top" option is selected.  So if Win-Test worked the
same way, "click to tune" with Winrad could be used conveniently "in the
background" on the same screen as Win-Test, and it would be easy  to jump
back and forth with two quick clicks.

I suppose users of Flexradios may also like this new option if they are
running PowerSDR and Win-Test on the same screen with some overlap.

Finally, please don't confuse me with my good friend Dean, N6BV.  :-)

Bob, N6TV
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