[WT-support] MP3 replay and features

f6ira f6ira at sfr.fr
Sat Jan 2 00:20:43 CET 2010

Some frenchs users tell me off list they cannot encounter same behavior 
as me. Perhaps the mistake coming' from my sound card or mp3 codec. I 
can reproduce same fault in 2 differents computers in my house even with 
Laurent settings advice. Tomorrow will try into another computers. QRX 
and stay tuned for an new report.
Gilles F6IRA

Le 01/01/2010 16:33, Laurent HAAS - F6FVY a écrit :
> Hi Gilles
> f6ira a écrit :
>> a) In circomptances according M/S entry QSO's from run station logged 
>> just after QSO from multiplier station doesn't play correctly. Wt 
>> player jump to next QSO after selected QSO (sorry for complicated and 
>> perhaps confuse explanations from my sad english skill).
> The playback feature relies on the QSO timestamp. If you used several 
> networked computers, you must ensure all clocks were in sync (In 
> doubt, use the appropriate function in the contest settings dialog and 
> designate a "master station").
> (If I misunderstood what you meant, you can contact me off-list).
> 73
> Laurent

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