[WT-support] Dumb ESM question

LY2KZ vytenis.sciucka at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 17:43:12 CET 2010

Hello Bob

Yes. That worked for RUN mode. Thank you.
How shoud I modify S/P messages so, that:
1. Callsign entered. Pressing ENTER sends my call and jumps to exchange field
2. Callsign entered, exchange entered, Pressing ENTER sends my rst-exchange and logs QSO.

That's what I'm get used to use and it works for me. My experiments with messages did not lead to the positive result in S/P mode.

Thanks again


On 2010.12.05 20:20,  wrote:
> Try adding $SPACEBAR to the end of the INSERT message (type MSGS [Enter] to change it).
> >  
> >  73,
> >  Bob, N6TV

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