[WT-support] Dumb ESM question

Fulvio Galli hb9dhg at ticino.com
Sun Dec 5 10:12:57 CET 2010

Hello All,

I'm still playing with Win-Test and the ESM configuration.
I just entered the CQWW CW contest and I try to explain the steps I do and what I like:

1) I enter a call, and press ENTER
2) Win-Test goes in TRX and confirm the call + exchange
3) the CURSOR remain on the CALL area and I need to press the space bar to move to the Exchange field
4) I press ENTER and the TU macro is executed and the call is saved on the log.

Question: regarding #3 is there a way to move AUTOMATICALLY to the exchange field as soon I press ENTER after entering
the callsign ?

For the info, I've the following setup in Win-Test:

1) Tools / Data Entry / Enable ESM
2) Tools / Data Entry / Exchange guessing Automatically

What I'm doing wrong ?

Thank you.
Vy 73 de HB9DHG Fulvio

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